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Starting our Journey in Japan

Ashley and I made it to Japan for our month+ excursion/honeymoon/Trip of the Year! - We flew on Delta DL 69 from Portland, Oregon in the USA, to Narita, Japan! It was a comfortable direct flight that took about ~10 hours in Comfort plus. After getting used to traveling to London for work, this felt like a peace of cake.


We then took the Skyliner train to Tokyo, and headed to the Akasaka area, where our Hotel would be for the next 13 days of our trip.


The Hotel is awesome, and we've got what we need to live like we had an apartment in the city. We've already had the fun of trying a McDonalds for breakfast, and shopping at the market for dinner, so tonight we'll cook some dinner.


We are having a blast! - I am not sure that my blogging platform Ghost is going to handle all these images well, at all :) - but that might be a project I take on to clean some of that up later. Resizing images for dynamic display can be hard!